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Arkham Asylum, West Isolation Ward

As much as the Riddler’s plans have called for chaos all across Gotham, it’s plain to see that there are other inmates that he decided would have to play their parts while still under Arkham Asylum’s thumb; wanton serial killer Victor Zsasz seems like a fair choice to leave locked up.

Other remorseless killers have gone free tonight, but you consider what they have that Zsasz doesn’t. A penchant for theatrics? Bouts of agreeability? Motivations beyond killing? Any or all of those possible explanations would suffice. Death for death’s sake is no puzzle to outwit.

After loading Zsasz to the gills with sedatives from a time-release bracelet and poking him with a stick, all while still leaving his manacles on, the orderlies retrieve this note from his cell.

All That Zsasz

I let Victor here slice a word off the front of some down clues, mutilate several across answers, and even cut one clue totally out of the puzzle! Couldn’t plan it better myself... oh wait, I did!

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