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PQR stands for Pythagorean Quantum Relativity:
  • Pythagorean - Pythagoras taught that “All Is Number” (as well as a theorem in geometry).

  • Quantum - Because ultimately, everything consists of indivisible units.

  • Relativity - Matter and Energy are equivalent, and Space and Time are interconnected.

  • The Universe is a property of the Natural numbers (1, 2, 3 and so on). The arithmetical relationships between these numbers define every event—past, present or future—that has occurred or will occur in the history of the Universe, from its earliest origin throughout all future time.

  • The Universe had a single point of origin, associated with the number 1. But the numbers that define present-day events are HUGE, and they keep on growing as the Universe ages.

  • Nevertheless, the Universe holds only a finite amount of information, and its entire history to date is defined by a finite range of numbers.

  • The physical structure of the Universe arises from the arithmetical structure of the Natural numbers. Matter, energy, space and time are all interconnected and reflect different aspects of this structure.

  • Matter and energy exist as tiny packets, each of which reflects a piece of information encoded in the Natural numbers. Space and time arise from the relationships between the numbers defining these packets.

  • Space and time form a four-dimensional network, which is very finely grained, but not continuous. The phrase “space-time continuum” is only an approximate description of this network.

  • The granules of space in this network are constantly subdividing. This process drives the passage of time and the expansion of space.

  • “Quantum weirdness” arises because we treat our granular space-time as continuous.

  • The Universe is deterministic, but we can never know the future. That is how we have free will.

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