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The Laboratory

With Gotham’s lengthy history of poisons, anesthetics, and viral weaponry it makes sense that any major player would have some kind of equipment to concoct, analyze or counteract them. There are boxes upon boxes of sterile, unused equipment: microscope slides, pipettes, test tubes, and an out-of-order industrial centrifuge. You can only imagine what the Riddler took with him, but the tall, slim object under the "Property of Gotham City CDC" tarp piques your interest.


The Riddler has planned for a pathogen to ravage Gotham's familiar faces. You wonder if there is anything that could offer some of them a bit of protection.

(Note: 'Left of', 'right of', 'above', and 'below' imply that two people are in the same row or column. 'Directly' implies adjacency.)

  1. The pictures are arranged in a grid of six rows and five columns.

  2. There are 15 heroes (shown below).

  3. There are 15 villains (shown below).

  4. To properly convey the eternal battle between good and evil, the grid has been arranged in accordance with Yin-Yang rules: all heroes are connected orthogonally, all villains are connected orthogonally, and there are no 2x2 areas containing all heroes or all villains.

  5. None of the six people who have ever gone by the name "Robin" (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, and Duke Thomas) share a row, nor are they orthogonally (ornithologically?) adjacent.

  6. None of the five people who have "bat" in their listed alias share a row or a column.

  7. Firefly is above, below, to the left of, and to the right of KGBeast, Poison Ivy, Bane, and Ratcatcher in some order.

  8. Alfred Pennyworth is directly to the right of Bruce Wayne (who is not in the center column).

  9. The Joker and Harley Quinn are orthogonally adjacent.

  10. Commissioner Gordon is to the left of his daughter, Barbara.

  11. Azrael is above Kate Kane.

  12. Two-Face is in the top row.

  13. The center column has more villains than the fourth column.

  14. Killer Moth is orthogonally adjacent to both Ratcatcher and Nightwing.

  15. There is a villain in the top center and a hero directly to the right of them.

  16. The Penguin is directly above Deathstroke, who is directly above Deadshot.

  17. The Ventriloquist is as close (as the crow flies) to Tim Drake as he is to Bane.

  18. The Phantasm (who is not in the central column) is directly to the right of The Signal and directly above some other hero.

  19. The Red Hood is two places above The Question.

  20. There are two females in the leftmost column.



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