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Gotham Trust

Even the extravagant costumed villains of Gotham have their own internal politics and shifting allegiances. Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s criminal history is a litany of on-again-off-again partnerships, not just with the thematically-aligned Mad Hatter but also with one another.

You know that Deever tends to be the one to take point, but after a while it got harder to tell which conveniently similar cousin he was operating with at any given time. Is Dumfree waiting somewhere nearby this time, or Dumson? Best to just deal with the one in front of you for now.

Role Call

It seems Tweedledee has been breaking into the offices of investment companies. You've got a funny feeling you've seen this guy before...

  1. An orphaned boy who saw his parents’ brutal murder decides to fight criminals by becoming Secretary of Defense and eventually Vice-President.

  2. A Seattle police officer investigating the murder of a local teenager is forced to retreat to a Safe Zone in Canada to wait for her husband as he finds a cure for a global zombie pandemic.

  3. A Jedi Knight sent to negotiate with the Trade Federation finds himself face to face with the worst toilet in Scotland.

  4. With the help of his Native American sidekick, a Texas lawyer eats a peach in the Italian countryside.

  5. A man-child finds that in order to graduate high school, he will have to care for his roommate’s illegitimate son.

  6. An aging actress attempts a career resurgence through network roles and a reality show in order to impress her former classmates at their ten-year gathering.

  7. An FBI agent infiltrates a notorious island prison by donning a bear costume to save a missing girl.

  8. A technician at a memory institute is harboring a secret... he’s always angry.

  9. While filming what is widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time, an actor-director is forced to self-amputate.

  10. The loyal butler of a crime-fighting billionaire attempts to steal millions of dollars from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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