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The Orchard Hotel

You were told to enter the office behind the front desk and blindfold yourself with a waiting bandana. Eventually, the door opens; several people surround you, place a bag over your already blinded head and march you out through rooms, into elevators, down countless stairs.

When your vision is restored, you are in the middle of a giant chamber, surrounded by an upper gallery full of masked faces watching you intently. Only one voice rings out, saying just this: "Complete your business here, to assure us your disruption of our affairs will be over shortly."


It seems the Court of Owls has been ruling Gotham behind the scenes for over a century. Where’s the Justice League when you need them?

In the vicinity

The culprit in many murder mysteries

Helpful Encyclopedia?

Hush-hush, like a special operation

One member of a sailing trio of rhyme

Video game characters who speak in a gibberish language

"Sex and the City" character

Having great affection toward

It may garnish tilapia

Milwaukee profession, whether capitalized or uncapitalized

Caviar, essentially

It’s high on the Mohs scale

Mete (out)

Writing utensil of old


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